Janet Napolitano eschews the Oxford comma, a sin for which I cannot forgive her, but at least she holds views on online education that are relatively sane:

“It’s not a silver bullet, the way it was originally portrayed to be. It’s a lot harder than it looks, and by the way if you do it right it doesn’t save all that much money, because you still have to have an opportunity for students to interact with either a teaching assistant or an assistant professor or a professor at some level.”

She also notes that preparing online classes costs money and suggests that high-achieving students, who tend to do well regardless of the circumstances in which they’re taught, benefit the most from online education. Which is to say, she’s familiarized herself with the (admittedly as-yet not definitive) literature on the subject. Coupled with her insistence that UC faculty wear TSA uniforms, I’m liking her more and more.

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  1. Ari Kelman Post author

    She wrote something, quite a ways back, in her own voice and hand — one presumes — that demonstrated her disinclination to use the Oxford comma. It was shocking and lamentable, albeit otherwise unobjectionable in tone and content. I say again: she must go.


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