5 reasons you should buy a copy of Battle Lines today.

Battle Lines is in stock and ready and to ship. Here are 5 reasons you should buy a copy.

5) The images are “heartbreaking” and “revelatory.” The panoramas are “breathtaking.” If you can’t trust the people who write promotional copy, who can you trust?

4) I asked Ben Bernanke, and there’s no better hedge against inflation than converting your cash into substantial holdings of graphic books.

3) Jonathan Fetter-Vorm needs a new boat.

2) Of all the things I’ve written, “Battle Lines” is the thing I hate the least.

1) You want to reward me for this bit of annoying self-promotion.

Seriously, just buy a copy already. If you do, I’ll stop bugging you.

8 thoughts on “5 reasons you should buy a copy of Battle Lines today.

  1. Matt Cullen

    My (slightly damp) copy was waiting on the porch in the rain when I got home yesterday.

    I loved the concept, and so far the execution hasn’t disappointed.

  2. thevulgarhistorian

    Another reason, my son, who is Autistic, has had a monofocus on cars for the past five years. Whatever the subject of conversation, he finds a way to make it about cars. After stealing my copy of Battle Lines, all he wants to talk about are minie balls, and Appomattox, and Generals. I’m kind of OK with that.

    1. Ari Kelman Post author

      I don’t expect you’re going to get this, because unfortunately I just fished your comment out of the over-eager spam filter and so I expect it’s far too late to reply. Still, you’ve made my day. Thanks.


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